Parenting As A Hero’s Journey is a nonprofit educational initiative using the elements of curiosity, fun and imagination to support parents in exploring their personal stories while unmasking modern parenting mythologies.  This initiative gathers the thought leaders, pioneers, authors and activists of the conscious parenting movement together in LIVE and ON DEMAND virtual retreats that allow the participants to experience a Deep Dive into themselves with the presenter’s compassionate guidance and expertise.

The initiative calls on Joseph Campbell’s great Monomyth Wheel to help us have fun with the ancient process of creating and discarding personal and cultural story lines as a path to transformation. A magazine and book edition of Parenting As A Hero’s Journey is forthcoming.

Parenting As A Hero’s Journey is a nonprofit initiative of the American nonprofit, Families for Conscious Living.  PAHJ features contributing writers from the alternative media site, Kindred, which is also a nonprofit initiative of FCL.

For more than 20 years, FCL has worked passionately to support families who are exploring “The New Story of Childhood, Parenthood and the Human Family” and its possibilities for individual and planetary wellness.  FCL’s vision is to bring coherence, visibility and empowerment to this emerging, consciousness-raising movement asresearch shows Cultural Creative families are often unaware of each other and their vital role in transforming culture through the practical wisdom of sustainable, holistic and compassionate living.  FCL is a Top-Rated Nonprofit by the Great Nonprofit organization.  Read reviews and public endorsements here.



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